About Ian

Ian Hinkle is a communications specialist and documentary filmmaker currently based in Victoria, Canada.

From media tactics to traditional & trans-media documentaries, corporate communications to social-media, Ian is driven by the prospect of working with a team on smart campaigns that make a quantifiable difference.

He has been chasing essential stories globally since 1992, with a focus on expanding awareness about socially and politically important issues. From his directorial debut ‘The Living Coast’ (Director/Cinematographer: Discovery Channel) to ‘Born to the Wind’ (Camera: PBS, ESPN2, 1999) and ‘Long Road North’ (Writer/Director/Producer: 2008), he is a veteran of numerous award-winning broadcast and media projects worldwide.

Ian has lugged a camera in over a dozen countries to follow a story, and has worked with everyone from independent producers and interactive media companies to established nonprofits and think-tanks like the Club of Rome.

He brings two decades of experience in media- from interactive producer to cinematographer- and blends this history with a refreshing perspective on managing communications tactics. Ian continues to explore the fields of new media outreach, brand identity, and trans-media communications strategy.



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